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A Day in the Life of Nurse Jenny

Early in 2018, Tracey Mulcahy, Vice President, Quality, Risk and Innovation had the opportunity to spend the day with Nurse Jenny and observe her community work.

Tracey has worked in long-term care for over 20 years and has held numerous roles including: Director of Care, Administrator, Regional Director, National Director of Quality and Director of Operations for Extendicare Assist.

“I had the pleasure of shadowing Jenny Sin, an RPN who has worked for ParaMed for ten years providing homecare to our clients,” says Tracey. “The day was an absolute joy as I met clients who not only welcomed us into their homes but obviously had a trusting respectful relationship with Jenny. To be at your most vulnerable and have a familiar face and gentle hands provide care in your own home is a remarkable exchange in our health care system. I have been a nurse for our 20 years, but I did not appreciate how raw and vulnerable clients are wherein need of care in their homes. They rely on us to be there and reassure them. The task of the dressing change, health tracking or pain management is secondary to your friendly face and professional manner in which you present in our clients’ homes.”

Nurse Jenny is a proud mother of four children, originally from Hong Kong and speaks fluent Mandarin and Cantonese. She began her career as a community nurse at a flu shot clinic. In the beginning, she found it challenging working independently in the community, but now, she enjoys it and finds fulfillment in her role.

“I like to see clients getting better each day,” says Jenny. “I am so happy to work with ParaMed. They have good training program for their nurses. The leaders and supervisors help everyone especially in updating our day-to-day activities. I love my job and I thank God for this wonderful opportunity to work at ParaMed.”