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On Spotlight: Corretta Scott, Personal Support Worker, ParaMed

For over 40 years, ParaMed has been delivering high-quality care and services, supporting patients in their homes and in our communities. Coretta Scott is an example of one of our dedicated employees.

With the hope of one day becoming a nurse, Coretta Scott decided to move on from her position as a lab technician to pursue a career as a Personal Support Worker (PSW).

She joined the ParaMed team in November of 2014, and has excelled in all aspects of the profession. Coretta has built an extensive list of clients who welcome her into their homes with open arms. Her love for helping others to find a renewed sense of purpose, and for putting a smile on her clients’ faces when it counts the most, has helped her build the trust required to excel in her position.

Coretta believes that there are some clients who are meant for a specific PSW. She first experienced this connection when she went to see a client who had been turning away every other PSW that came into her home. As she entered the home, she saw a small elderly woman hiding behind her husband. After removing her shoes, Corretta introduced herself with a smile. The elderly woman slowly walked over to her in silence, cupped her face and said, “Bella!” (meaning “beautiful” in Italian). Later on in their relationship, when they were discussing that very moment, Coretta asked what made her react so warmly towards her when she was not receptive to any other PSW. Her client explained, “It was because you had such warmth; I could sense it from across the room. It was like you were meant to be my PSW.”

Coretta still visits this client weekly and feels blessed that this profession has allowed her to build strong bonds with her clients and foster her love for helping people live better.