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A Patient’s Thank You for Fantastic Care from ParaMed Nurse, Michael

I suffered a very serious right leg injury in an accident. I insisted to my general practitioner that I wanted to be cared for by Dr. A at Scarborough General and to call ahead and arrange treatment at your ParaMed Silverstar location. Luckily, I was attended to by Nurse Michael who had attended to me two years earlier with a leg injury also,

This severe wound took ten months to heal under the care of Nurse Michael, working closely with Dr. A. It was a long hard road for me to travel mentally and physically. Michael dealt with it in a very professional and caring manner. Yes, there were a lot of highs and lows and Michael communicated with Dr. A on a regular basis with his thoughts to make the process better. Dr. A speaks very highly about Michael and thinks the world of him also. Michael’s feedback was more than welcome as he writes out for the doctor’s progress, measurement of wound along with suggestion when some dressing doesn’t work as well as others. Everyone has different reactions and Michael diagnoses with doctor’s permissions what works best. 

I also observed in over ten months that Michael treats all of his patients the same and we all think he is the best . The personal touch is a lost art these days and we are all so lucky to have Michael  RN looking after us. I also met your supervisor Rita several times and I have to compliment her also for how well this ParaMed location performs. 

Michael released me in late April and I will be seeing Dr. A in June for my final visit.

In closing I just thought the executives of Extendicare and ParaMed should know that they have great people to heal, guide and make us better.


T. Scarborough, Ontario