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On Spotlight: PSW Houston

Recently, our PSW from Kitchener, Houston, received a wonderful note about the positive experience that a client’s family had with him.

The now deceased resident formed a close bond with Houston and the PSW soon became his favourite.

Expressing his appreciation for PSWs and for Houston in particular, the client’s family member said, ” I have always known that being a PSW is a very challenging job, but now having seen everything that is involved first hand, I have an even greater appreciation, not only of the job itself, but what it means to do it well. And we were so fortunate to have Houston come so often, because he doesn’t just do his job – he does it extremely well, and goes above and beyond to look after the people in his care.”

The ParaMed team is extremely proud of Houston for going above and beyond his call of duty to ensure that the client’s needs were met in a timely manner.