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Applauding our Care Champions: we never stop praising the members of our teams in our home care communities who go above and beyond each day

We are celebrating our newest Care Champions – who were recognized for going above and beyond in the home care communities in which they serve. Our nationwide Care Champion program celebrates the hard work, dedication, and passion of our wonderful teams in long-term care who help improve care every day.

Benedetta, a Registered Practical Nurse at ParaMed Waterloo-Wellington, ON, was nominated by a peer for her hard work, selflessness, and compassion.

“She works tirelessly to support our clients. She is continuing her education while working day and night. Her hard work helps her team balance their work schedule and life. On Oct. 8 she answered an overnight call from her supervisor, while not being on call, and left for work in the middle of the night to provide care to a palliative client that three days later passed away. She is a true team player.”

Auricleia, a Personal Support Worker at ParaMed Champlain-Renfrew, ON, was nominated by a client who described Auricleia as the best PSW she’s ever had.

“She’s the most wonderful PSW that I have ever had. She knows her work so perfectly and I’ve had the best shower I have ever had and attention, I love her. She is something else and I’m just hoping that you can put her on my list every Tuesday morning.”

Thera, a Palliative Care Lead at ParaMed Muskoka, ON, stood out for her compassion. Her nominator, a peer, said:

“Thera is a beautiful soul that has always supported her coworkers with palliative clients. Her clients find her calm demeanour and supportive nature a blessing in one of the most challenging moments of their lives. She has touched many lives and she is deserving of recognition. Her support and knowledge have helped her coworkers become better palliative nurses and given peace to her patients and families.”