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Student Placement Services Portal

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Why Choose Placement Pass?

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ParaMed’s pre-placement services portal Placement Pass is Canada’s leading option to clear students for work in a variety of industries and sectors, including health care, first responders, and educators.

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We make it easy for employers, colleges and universities to confirm the qualifications of students and clear them for work with a portal that is fast, simple and secure.

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With Placement Pass, you can manage student readiness for placement directly from the portal, and give students an easy, secure and confidential service to upload their documentation to a one-stop source for program information.

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Find out if your organization’s preplacement needs can benefit from the pre-requisite services of Placement Pass.

More than 200,000 students across Canada have been cleared for work with Placement Pass. Organizations in health care, education, legal services, and more rely on our trusted technology and experience in prerequisite placement services to safely and easily manage pre-placement compliance.

Secure Pre-Placement Services

Our easy-to-use online portal is a one-stop source for all applicant data, reports and program information.

Prerequisite requirements are validated by a dedicated team from the applicable industry for your placement needs, and provide comprehensive support every step of the way.

Get placement ready with Placement Pass.

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Student Placement Services Made Easy

Leave the paperwork to us!

Placement Pass is a straight-forward and easy-to-use preplacement services portal where students can upload records and documents for review, validation and clearance for placement. Once your organization is set-up with us, the student experience is simple. Students can:

  1. Create an account.
  2. Download, complete and submit all relevant documents.
  3. Have records reviewed and validated by ParaMed’s dedicated team of experts, from the industry relevant to their placement opportunity.

Our team can support every student using every device, for a simple, secure preplacement process.

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Who Uses Placement Pass?

ParaMed’s Placement Pass helps clear students for work, with college or university pre-placement screening for positions in a variety of industries.

We take the weight off of staff and faculty while giving students a user-friendly and secure experience. Our prerequisite placement portal offers an array of solutions that accurately manage the placement validation process, with transparency for compliance in both medical and non-medical fields.

Interested, but don’t see your area of work listed here? Reach out to and we’ll be happy to help.

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  • 200k+ Students Cleared With prerequisite placement services
  • 15+ Years Providing simple and secure screening and clearance
  • 99% Uptime Dedicated IT team managing Canada's leading Home Health Care Services Provider
  • 2,000+ Nurses Led by our Chief Medical Officer and Chief Nursing Executive
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Health Care Student Placement Services

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Dental Job Placement Services

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First Responder Job Placement Services

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Teacher Job Placement Services

Health Care Student Placement Services

Our student placement services portal offers quality clinical pre-placement services and screening for PSW job placement and Nursing job placement.


Place students securely with a transparent process for both medical and non-medical compliance with our college and university pre-placement screening, ensuring students are prepared to provide the best possible care in their clinical experience.

Dental Job Placement Services

Placement Pass provides pre-placement services for students about to begin clinical placements as part of their dental education. Ensure students are prepared for their clinical experience and to provide high-quality care to patients.

First Responder Job Placement Services

Those pursuing careers as first responders can receive pre-placement clearance with our student pre-placement services portal, extending their learning with on-the-job experience.

Teacher Job Placement Services

ParaMed’s Placement Pass portal doesn’t stop at healthcare services. We provide prerequisite clearance for teachers, teacher assistants, and early childhood educators, clearing the way for professional development with hands-on experience.

What’s in a Demo?

Get a step-by-step demonstration of our Student Placement Services Portal, to better understand how Placement Pass can help with your prerequisite screening needs, and reduce the burden on faculty and staff so they can focus on supporting students and their program needs. The demo will show:

  • How to manage student readiness directly from the portal
  • How easy it is for students to upload forms and supporting documents
  • The benefits of having a one-stop resource for student and program information
  • A wide range of standard reports and custom reporting capabilities.

ParaMed’s Placement Pass is purpose-built to make meeting student pre-placement requirements simple. Book today!

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Canada’s leading Student Placement Services Portal

Previously known as the ParaMed Requisite Program, ParaMed was one of the first to offer a pre-placement validation service. After witnessing success year after year, we have moved our program online with an easy-to-use portal. Through Placement Pass, we improve the end-to-end experience for users — minimizing hand-offs and shortening the cycle to clearance status. We’ve also branched out to serve a variety of organizations outside of the health care space, offering prerequisite placement services for first responders, educators, and more.

Placement Pass by ParaMed values compassion, innovation, reliability, optimism and connectivity – the same ParaMed values integrated into everyday work by over 10,000 of our team members. We exceed the service standards set by other programs by ensuring these values are followed from the time you register your students, to the time they are verified and cleared for placement.

ParaMed has provided exceptional-quality care and support services since 1974 and has achieved exemplary status through Accreditation Canada. At the heart of our organization are team members practicing the essential health and safety standards set by Ontario laws. Ensuring those standards are followed to keep our clients safe is our number one priority.

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