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Flu Immunization Program

Influenza is a common respiratory illness affecting millions of Canadians each year and many employers recognize that this is a significant cause of lost work time.

Influenza has a propensity to spread rapidly in closed working environments, leaving several employees off sick at the same time and the remainder struggling to cope with the increased workload. The best way to prevent influenza and limit its spread within the workplace is to offer the opportunity for employees to get a flu shot. The most convenient and cost-effective place to immunize employees is at the worksite.

ParaMed’s Flu Immunization Program can help organizations maximize employee health protection through the flu season and minimize employee absenteeism. Clinics are conducted by our specially trained registered nurses and can be held in the workplace, in public settings or any location convenient to your company and its employees.

Flu Immunization Program | ParaMed
Benefits to Organizations
  • Decrease the spread of influenza to co-workers
  • Decrease employee absenteeism by reducing time lost from work
  • Decrease short-term disability claims
  • Reduce cost of replacement personnel
  • Increase productivity
  • Minimize disruption of routine activities and programs
Benefits to Employees
  • Provide an opportunity to receive the flu vaccine in a convenient location without the need of taking time off to visit his/her doctor
  • Decrease the risk of catching the virus by approximately 75%
  • Decrease the spread of flu to family members
  • Increase the chances of having a “flu-free” Christmas and winter vacation