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ParaMed Proud | Making a positive impact as a recruiter – Lindsay’s story

Through our ParaMed Proud series, we’re living life through the eyes of our team members – learning about their career journeys and the essential roles they play in delivering care for the thousands of people who rely on us every day.

Lindsay enjoys finding top talent to join the ParaMed team.

“I get lots of opportunities to attend job fairs to connect with potential candidates and meet new people in person,” says Lindsay, a District Recruiter in Eastern Ontario, “It’s very rewarding.”

She adds that finding the right people makes a meaningful difference in the lives of patients who rely on ParaMed each day for care and support.

Lindsay collaborates with her team to recruit prospective candidates who are interested in pursuing careers as personal support workers, home support workers, registered nurses, and registered practical nurses.

When a newly minted team member performs well and enjoys their role, she feels it is “incredibly motivating”.

“We are helping people take a first step in making a difference in their lives,” says Lindsay. “We are helping make a difference in the lives of our clients and patients, as we are instrumental in finding and hiring the best possible people.”

If you’re considering joining the ParaMed home healthcare team, Lindsay says you’ll be joining a collaborative and supportive one.

“We have a wonderful group here at ParaMed,” she says. “I think everyone collaborates so well and offers so much support to one another. If you are thinking about joining, you will always be supported by a great team!

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