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ParaMed Proud | Empowering teams to provide the best care to help our clients live better each day – Ryan’s story

Through our ParaMed Proud series, we’re living life through the eyes of our team members – learning about their career journeys and the essential roles they play in delivering care for the thousands of people who rely on us every day.

Ryan is passionate about leading and supporting ParaMed team members and finds fulfillment in empowering them to deliver exceptional care to clients and their families each day.

Ryan is an Operations Manager with ParaMed and oversees the day-to-day operations in Eastern Ontario.

“Home health care is a sector where I can help to support a team in truly helping people live better,” says Ryan. “The biggest thing for me is the idea that even in a non-clinical role, I can still have an impact on someone’s care through motivating and developing the teams that support our clients.”

Ryan says he is proud of team ParaMed.

“While our community caregivers provide direct care to clients, our Operations team supports them by ensuring they have the resources needed to deliver excellent care.”

Ryan feels that one of the most rewarding parts of his career is encouraging his team to independently generate solutions that positively impact client and team member satisfaction.

He adds that he helps to support his team by growing a positive work environment.

“It is important to create a safe space for questions and discussions for the team,” says Ryan. “I sometimes think of myself as the team’s cheerleader or hype man. It is important to recognize the team and all of our ‘wins’ or successes, along the way. ”

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