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The power of a community nurse – Pamela’s story

Pamela believes that she was born to be a nurse.

As a child, Pamela always took care of others around her. She brings compassion with her into her role as a community nurse at ParaMed, and collaborates with patients on their care delivery – something she says is crucial to ensuring patient-centered, high-quality care.

“Listening is one of the key things in nursing,” she says. “That contact with that person, that’s vital. You got to have that person on board with you and work together. And when you work together, you get a good outcome. That’s my satisfaction.”

Nurses like Pamela play an invaluable role in helping care for patients in their homes, and at community clinics, and fill care gaps in other community care settings, like schools.

As a nurse, Pamela possesses the clinical knowledge and specialized expertise that matches a patient’s required level of care, to ensure their healthcare needs are met with every visit.

With support from ParaMed’s clinical experts, she uses assessment tools and techniques to identify and respond to patients’ individual needs and executes care plans in partnership with the patients who rely on her.

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