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Company Overview

ParaMed has been providing home care and wellness solutions across Canada since 1974 and is a nationally accredited provider with Exemplary Standing by Accreditation Canada.

We ensure our care providers are fully trained, have access to ongoing training, have the necessary coordination and management support, are properly supervised and coached on best practices.

We have programs and specialty teams in place to support employees from recruitment throughout their careers at ParaMed to learn, grow, and provide excellent care. Our commitment to our employees and the work they do means that you can expect exceptional care providers who are well-trained, supported, and engaged.

  • Home Caregiver helping a senior woman get dressed in her bedroom.

When you choose ParaMed, you access our qualified personnel and gain from our 50-year history of providing medical and non-medical support services and a 10,000 member strong workforce. Our success and growth stem from everyone, at all levels of the organization, honoring every day our five core values of Show compassion, Invent opportunity, Be there, Strive for better, and Connect with others. 

These values are the foundation of our company and set the standard for everything we do; they translate into high client satisfaction rates, superior client safety, and into a collaborative and focused working environment.

Show compassion: Naturally understanding another’s needs and wants.  Having the ability to act appropriately without asking.  Knowing that to be human is to care.

Invent opportunity: Taking advantage of insights and opportunities to create new ways of doing things.  Naturally going beyond what is dictated.  Rewarding invention.

Be there: Being able to count on each other, and making sure you’re there when your clients need you.  Knowing you have each other’s back.

Strive for better: Having a positive and hopeful outlook and sharing it with clients and each other.  Naturally striving for, and expecting, better outcomes.

Connect with others: Honest and frequent communication with each other and our clients.  Using every opportunity to strengthen relationships.  Leveraging technology to enhance care.

Home Care Packages Designed for You

To make life easier for caregivers and clients, we have created simple service packages based around the needs of your family.

Our Rise N' Shine package helps you or your loved one start their day by offering assistance with morning personal care, assistance with dressing and other daily tasks.

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Our Out & About package provides the opportunity to you or your loved one to continue with everyday activities that are cherished and/or needed with the assistance of a ParaMed caregiver.

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In the home or in a setting of choice, our Caregiver Freedom package provides an opportunity for families and primary caregivers to ‘take a break’ from the daily delivery of care and support of their loved one.

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ParaMed’s Memory Care package provides peace of mind to clients and families managing and coping with the daily challenges associated with a loved one’s loss of memory and some cognitive challenges.

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