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Our People

At ParaMed Home Health Care, we’re driven by our passion for helping people when they need it the most.

It’s a passion that our clients experience in every home visit, as ParaMed nurses and support staff bring energy, empathy and enthusiasm to everything they do – supporting and encouraging every client in every interaction.

It takes a special kind of person to be part of the ParaMed team of caregivers. We have a meticulous recruiting and selection process in place to ensure that the Nurses and Personal Support Workers and all the professionals who are ultimately chosen to be part of the ParaMed team meet our high standards in the areas of professionalism, quality, ethics and best practices, including specialization.

In Your Community, In Your Home

Here are some of the team members who are working for you – in your home, and behind the scenes – to ensure the highest quality home health care for you and your loved one.

ParaMed has a local presence in the communities in which we serve. Your local site is ultimately responsible for ensuring your complete satisfaction with ParaMed services. The District Director, Operations Manager and the Care & Service Manager are all heavily involved in the selection, training and ongoing development of ParaMed employees, as well as ongoing performance measurement to ensure ParaMed’s rigorous standards for high-quality home health care are adhered to with every client interaction.

Registered Nurse Supervisor

At the beginning of your engagement with ParaMed, one of our Registered Nursing Supervisors will meet with you to conduct a complete assessment of your needs. He or she plays the lead role in developing your individualized Care Pan (in collaboration with you) and will prepare recommendations on your behalf for additional resources that you may require. This often involves advocating on your behalf and communicating your particular needs to appropriate third parties, for example, insurance companies, local government funders, Alzheimer’s Society and others.

Supervisors are heavily involved in the recruitment of ParaMed nurses and caregivers, and always maintain an open line of communication with clients throughout the duration of their home care to ensure their ongoing satisfaction.

Registered Nurse and Registered Practical Nurse

ParaMed’s Registered Nurses, Registered Practical Nurses and Licensed Practical Nurses are the backbone of ParaMed’s outcome-based care philosophy. ParaMed nurses have the clinical knowledge and specialized expertise that matches your required level of care, to ensure your health care needs are met with every visit.

Your primary nurse will be involved in creating your Care Plan and in helping you set achievable goals. With every visit, your caregiver provides the encouragement and expert guidance to help you get there, measuring your progress and outcomes along the way.

To learn more about how ParaMed’s nurses collaborate with patients to deliver quality care, watch Pamela’s story.

Personal Support Worker

For clients who don’t need the specialized clinical skills of a Registered Nurse, ParaMed’s Personal Support Workers help you with the day-to-day activities in and around the home. This includes bathing and grooming, shopping and meal preparation, assistance with medication and eating and many other services, as needed.

Your ParaMed Personal Support Worker is a continuous source of psychological support as well, providing companionship and, when appropriate, encouragement to try new things on your path to increased independence. ParaMed Personal Support Workers also provide much-needed respite and relief for family caregivers.

Listen to Erin’s story to learn more about how ParaMed’s Support Workers provide vital care and assistance to help patients live safely and comfortably in their homes.

Home Support Worker

Home Support Workers are a vital part of our community care teams.

Home Support Workers travel to visit different patients and clients in their communities to help them live safely in their homes by supporting them with essential daily tasks and self-care activities. They prepare meals and assist patients with eating, basic housekeeping duties, assist with personal hygiene care such as showering and bathing, and support basic activities of daily living.

Home Support Workers also play an important role in a client’s quality of life by providing companionship and a friendly face.

To learn more about how Home Support Workers provide daily support and companionship to patients and clients in their homes, listen to Ed’s story.

Home Care Packages Designed for You

To make life easier for caregivers and clients, we have created simple service packages based around the needs of your family.

Our Rise N' Shine package helps you or your loved one start their day by offering assistance with morning personal care, assistance with dressing and other daily tasks.

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Our Out & About package provides the opportunity to you or your loved one to continue with everyday activities that are cherished and/or needed with the assistance of a ParaMed caregiver.

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In the home or in a setting of choice, our Caregiver Freedom package provides an opportunity for families and primary caregivers to ‘take a break’ from the daily delivery of care and support of their loved one.

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ParaMed’s Memory Care package provides peace of mind to clients and families managing and coping with the daily challenges associated with a loved one’s loss of memory and some cognitive challenges.

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